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Multifunctional mobile stage 10,5 x 8 m

Multifunctional mobile stage with roofing and extension elements 12 x 8m or 8 x 8 m / 12 x 8 m

Set-up time
20 Min
1 person

The New Age – Mobile Stage

The stage with automatic set-up and deconstruction!
New technology that sets standards regarding safety, flexibility, load capacity, acoustics and aesthetics.

Adapt the stage to your needs!
Automatic, freely configurable stage with outstanding roof load capacity, integrated LED-lighting, acoustic panels, electric plugs and foldout load suspension pipes with maximum safety.

Be independent and self-sufficient!
We have developed a completely automated high-tech stage that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but can also be set up at very short notice by a single person.

The stage not even not only a stage!
Because of the possibility of free stage forming it can be used for all the different kind of events. Not only for concerts and theaters, but also political speeches, sport events, product promotions and presentations, exihibitions, roadshows, school events and much more kind of events are possible to be held on our stage.

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Size:* 8 x 8 10 x 8 12 x 8 12 x 10
*Each stage can be set up with only 6m stage depth (see photo below). Other sizes on request.
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Stage Highlights

  • spread-your-wings

    Spread Your Wings

    A ground floor with an unparalleled stability thanks to its very sturdy steel base structure and its embedded, armored steel hinges.

    The automatic opening function and a quick height control system of the stage floor that is fitted with high quality, weatherproof wood panels, makes every kind of event possible.

    At the push of a button, the entire trailer is automatically levelled and can thus compensate for uneven terrain.

  • deluxe-plus-roof-cover

    Deluxe Plus Roof Cover

    The top-notch roof casing makes the stage an eye catcher at any kind of event. Aluminum plates cover all the mechanic parts in the roof on both sides.

    The roof was designed to provide ideal acoustics and contains additional internal, heavy acoustic reflex panels and perforated absorbing panels for an optimal acoustic experience on and off the stage. The roof can also be equipped with LED-lighting and different plug sockets. Preinstalled pop up support bars make it also possible to attach other stage equipment to the roof in different position.

  • freeform-stage

    Freeform Stage

    The freely adjustable roof height and roof form make it possible to perfectly adapt the stage to any kind of event. As the roof doesn’t need any edge pillars it can be used in any height and form. The user is free to move the roof with the 4 mobile roof wings into any position up to the maximum and to incline the roof wings to his preferred position. This allows a variety of stage configurations and sound characteristics.

  • more-security

    More Security

    A carefully developed mechanic system gives the stage its stability and security. High quality sensors monitor every function, every movement of every part of the stage, which is statically stable in every position without any additional manual supports or pillars. The high weight of the stage and the extremely strong steel structures render the stage almost impregnable against wind and storm.

  • extensions-measurements

    Extensions and Measurements

    The stage’s standard depth is 8m but it can be extended up to 10m via the integrated telescopic ground floor elements. The stage length is adjusted to the trailer dimensions and ranges from 8 to 13m.

    The internal stage height depends on the type of stage and can be between 5m and 7m. The ground floor can be lifted up to 1,8m off the ground.

    Stage curtains with guides, additional stairs and balustrades will be adapted to stage measurements.

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Camoustage Special Edition

The Camoustage roof is cased with high quality roof panels on one side and can be freely configured. Pop up support bars are integrated into the roof.

The stage floor is balanced automatically and can be lifted up to 1,7m off the ground.

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